Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lorraine Jordan - A Colorful Seduction

Her love of Provence will be embraced in your heart!
 The Jordan piece above was recently featured in Texas Home & Living featuring our client's home in Austin. Interior Designer David Fuller with Alyson Jon Interiors utilized this piece as their inspiration for the client's living room.
In the living room a groin vault was created to draw the eye up. Bookcases David took from Mr. White’s office sit in front of closed alcoves. David says, “We did not want the built-in look in the living room. Furniture has much more of a richness and texture.” The inspiration for the room is a colorful landscape painting by Lorraine Jordan that hangs above the fireplace. With a cinnamon and chartreuse color scheme, “All houses must have humor,” David says, which is what he loves about the color combination. “You tell a client you are going to do chartreuse with copper welting over cinnamon ultra suede [sofas], most people would go, ‘Oh geez, I don’t know if I can do that’, but she said yes.  It was an immediate yes. It was the variety of color.”
 Through a vivid and melodious pallet, with symphonies of pinks, reds and yellows, Lorraine Jordan paints the subjects and the landscapes of southern Provence with a remarkable simplicity and subtlety.
Her paintings ring true because they portray, with love, the harmony of her living environment in its setting of luxuriant nature where the olives and cypresses stand guard over the vines, living symbols
of the Mediterranean sun.
 Much like Paul Gauguin, whose work she admires, her paintings rely on simple color surfaces.
 It is her use of brilliant, luminous colors, however, that captures the single beauty of her surroundings and adds richness to her paintings.

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