Saturday, September 1, 2012

Alina Maksimenko - Wandering Palette

Her paints resemble sounds

"My fingers wander around the canvas as I play with my instrument.My eyes will dash through the darkness of paint like headlights in the night."

This is how Maksimenko describes how she works.

"My ears hovering over the world,
like a bat spreading its wings to fly.
First I know not where I am,
I see nothing in front of me,
I hear not a word.

But the beating heart of my fingers,
eyes & ears come together
and tell me about it all,

 Maksimenko is spontaneous by nature
and consequently having an open, natural
and uninhibited manner enables her to work
both independently and with an obvioius
sense of freedom.

Her confident lines are always loose and fluid;
showing the observer her true quality and strength,
which lies in her simplicity.
Whether one is admiring a harbour scene,
a still life or a nude,
one is immediately struck by her excellent composition
and her extraordinary use of color.
Her paints resemble sounds.
Artfully colorful, the crawl out of their shelters -
jars, boxes, small and large tubes -
and scream in different voices when trying to
assume possession of the biggest possible territory.
 Many people are inspired by Maksimenko's work
and a great many of these people are artists themselves.
That surely speaks volumes about Maksimenko who is
undoubtebly a shining star from the East.
Her work has been exhibited all over Europe
in France, Ireland and the United Kingdom as well as
Croatia, Russia and Ukraine.