Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dany Jung - Playfulness

Dany Jung - Playfulness

In 1962, Jung discovered traditional Alsatian pottery in Soufflenheim. His skill has evolved and he has clearly been influenced by his travels abroad. His recent work is inspired by the ancient art of Chinese burial figures. He has added a dose of his whimsical personality to each piece.

Between heaven and earth, between the fall and flight, he cultivates a taste of the imbalance in a harmonious sculpture. As a graphic designer, he loved the line and shapes. Traveler first, bringing back wonderful books, a fortune of information about the countries he visited.

It is an art to escape gravity. To Dany Jung playing and creating defies the world. Sophisticated is the circle, acrobats and dancers, animal exhibitors, wrestlers. It is a circle of movement, a circle of excellence.