Friday, December 1, 2017

Marcel Taton - The Lost Wax Method

By utilizing the lost wax method
Taton's sculptures are single piece editions
Taton Exhibition
 For the last several years Taton's work has been exhibited
at the Thermae Palace during the month of August.
We bring this celebration of his work from across the globe
with a simultaneous exhibition in Seattle.
Marcel Taton knows no borders.
When it comes to his inventive urge for renewal
within his own ever recognizable art form.
 His art is figurative, Surrealistic and much humor ensues.
 His sculptures are unique and almost leap into the beholders eye.
 When a flea market Taton visits and finds a strange object to craft
into his imagination arises the link to his creative spirit
and the doors open wide

into his sculpture arsenal.
 Taton's specific idea regularly to his choice of titles suggest all which relates to the point
as a visible reality the viewer experiences in his irony and fantasy.
His work is treasured by collectors around the world.