Friday, December 1, 2017

Marcel Taton - The Lost Wax Method

By utilizing the lost wax method
Taton's sculptures are single piece editions
Taton Exhibition
 For the last several years Taton's work has been exhibited
at the Thermae Palace during the month of August.
We bring this celebration of his work from across the globe
with a simultaneous exhibition in Seattle.
Marcel Taton knows no borders.
When it comes to his inventive urge for renewal
within his own ever recognizable art form.
 His art is figurative, Surrealistic and much humor ensues.
 His sculptures are unique and almost leap into the beholders eye.
 When a flea market Taton visits and finds a strange object to craft
into his imagination arises the link to his creative spirit
and the doors open wide

into his sculpture arsenal.
 Taton's specific idea regularly to his choice of titles suggest all which relates to the point
as a visible reality the viewer experiences in his irony and fantasy.
His work is treasured by collectors around the world. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Jean Louis Corby - Geometrical Elegance

It is through the cohesion of movement and mind
that the Corby figures adorn themselves with
a geometrical elegance that induces their feelings
From his studio, the sculptor Corby
discreetly observes the great human

Attentive to everything, he
analyzes physical and moral behavior and
adapts the plastic of movement to human
psychology. Better than a long speech,
through the work of volumes and shapes,
his hands sculpt a figure always the same,
stateless, active, avid for existence.

It is
through the cohesion of movement and
mind that the Corby figures adorn
themselves with a geometrical
elegance that induces their feelings.

It is also through a technique that is
willfully rigorous, direct and precise that
Corby concretizes uncertainty,
unhappiness, joy and suffering both
great and small.
Seattle Art Galleries sculpture artist Corby
His figures assert themselves as human,
sincere, realist and very present. With
no possible hesitation, we all recognize
ourselves, man or woman, no matter, it is
the same story with the same existential

Beyond this delicately portrayed
sensitivity, the immobility and silence
so characteristic of statures are felt not
as petrifaction of body and soul but as a
message of tolerance and humanity.

His art, resolutely figurative, testifies with
a sure hand by sculpting the “right words”
of life, without pointless embellishment.

Corby leads us to discover ourselves as in a
mirror pierced by remembered tenderness.
From earth and bronze, mind and flesh, his
figures revive an astonishing curiosity in
ourselves while awakening in us all
numerous echoes and memories.

With the door of his studio always open on
the world, Corby passionately sculpts the
profound values of existence.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Odile Kinart - My Boats Don't Have Oars

My sculptures are spectators or dancers

I want to express serenity, harmony, and light humor. My sculptures are spectators or dancers who dance the dance of life; they are more like Buddha’s. But in fact I am a workaholic, passionate and restless, longing for calm.

My boats don’t have oars

My figures are all at rest. The attributes are beds, chairs, sofas, baths or swings. My boats don’t have oars. They sail along with the current, in harmony with the elements, with life itself. The names of my sculptures often refer to quiet times: timeless, time lost, time off ... just sitting there ... listening to the summer rain ...

The form is just as important as the content

The same theme will turn into a tear-jerker in one poem and can become quite moving, universal or poetic in another. The difference isn’t in the subject, but in the choice and dosage of both words and breaks. Volumes and form tension are important visual art aspects.

I attach a great deal of importance to traditional aspects

I feel the traditional aspect of art is very important. All the vagueness and pretence surrounding art irritates me. A chair designed in pure lines and carefully built is just as much like art to me, as can be the case with cooking.

Accessible Art

I am particularly inspired by pre-Columbian art and the old African wooden sculptures you can admire in the Tervuren museum. I find ethnic art very appealing, as it’s so simple, almost child-like, but very expressive. The sheer joy which has gone into making these sculptures is very evident. I am also a great admirer of Art Brut, of the works of art produced by psychiatric patients, like the ones on display at the Gent Museum Dr Guislain, and of children’s drawings. I also love allotment gardens, with buxus and taxus pruned into dragons and animals. Yes, I know, we are now on the very edge of kitsch, but this is only a word, just like the ugly words artist and intellectual.

The words love and god are also in the top five of ugly words.